Over 40 years Experience in basement excavation

A basement is the most economical way to add square footage to your home. It is very energy efficient. The process normally take about a month and you are able to continue living in your home. Digging basements under existing homes from start to finish. We also repair foundations and old basements. We do additions and remodels.

Add square footage to your home

Double your square footage by building a new home UNDER your existing one. No need to move or get inconvenienced…we create a whole new space for you from start to finish within a month’s time. With over 30 years of basement-building experience in the Treasure Valley, we’ve dug under hundreds of homes carefully and professionally, giving them basements that stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Call 208-870-7713 today and let us give you a whole new home.

Quality craftsmanship

Our Business Focus is Customer Satisfaction, Making the customer happy, environmental friendly, the basements we build takes very little energy to heat or cool,